Fitmin Muesli for Horses

  • Premium feed for horses - Fitmin Horse Müsli.
  • Supplementary feed for horses under load, in training, hobby horses as well as for breeding mares, young horses and for horses for recreational use.Guaranteed high palatability, high digestibility of nutrients and the Fitmin Factor, which strengthens the function of the digestive system, supports intestinal regeneration and increases the usability of the feed.


Müsli Meadow

Supplementary feed for horses bred for recreational purposes in light to medium training, for broodmares, young horses under 24 months and for horses in recovery.

Crude protein 12.5%, crude oils and fat 5.6%, crude fibre 10.7%, crude ash 6.3%, calcium 0.9%, sodium 0.26%, phosphorus 0.5%

Müsli Ideal

Supplementary food for hobby horses of all age categories in light training.

crude protein 11.5%, crude oils and fats 5%, crude fibre 11%, crude ash 8%, calcium 0.6%


Supplementary feed for horses of all categories. Suitable for horses with requirements for low-energy, grain-free feed with a low starch content.

Ingredients: hay granules, alfalfa chaff, extruded peas, hay chaff, dried carrot, dried beetroot, carob, soybean oil

Müsli Premier

High-energy supplementary food rich in nutrients for horses of all age categories, intended specifically for horses in training.

crude protein 10.4%, crude oils and fat 8.5%, crude fibre 8%, crude ash 4.9%, calcium 0.5%, sodium 0.25%, phosphorus 0.5%