Müsli Meadow

Supplementary feed for horses bred for recreational purposes in light to medium training, for broodmares, young horses under 24 months and for horses in recovery.

Crude protein 12.5%, crude oils and fat 5.6%, crude fibre 10.7%, crude ash 6.3%, calcium 0.9%, sodium 0.26%, phosphorus 0.5%

Müsli Ideal

Supplementary food for hobby horses of all age categories in light training.

crude protein 11.5%, crude oils and fats 5%, crude fibre 11%, crude ash 8%, calcium 0.6%


Supplementary feed for horses of all categories. Suitable for horses with requirements for low-energy, grain-free feed with a low starch content.

Ingredients: hay granules, alfalfa chaff, extruded peas, hay chaff, dried carrot, dried beetroot, carob, soybean oil

Müsli Premier

High-energy supplementary food rich in nutrients for horses of all age categories, intended specifically for horses in training.

crude protein 10.4%, crude oils and fat 8.5%, crude fibre 8%, crude ash 4.9%, calcium 0.5%, sodium 0.25%, phosphorus 0.5%