Müsli Grainfree

Supplementary feed for horses of all categories. Suitable for horses with requirements for low-energy, grain-free feed with a low starch content.

crude protein 9.3%, crude fiber 26.5%, crude oils and fats 1.1%, crude ash 6.8%, sodium 0.05%, energy value 8.07 MJ, starch 1.3 %


• Cereal-free
• Low energy and starch content 1.3%
• Feed is suitable for horses with metabolic disorders
• Helps reduce obesity
• Enriched with beetroot
• Extruded peas are a quality source of protein
• Alfalfa cut contributes to the production of saliva and buffering of an acidic environment stomach


hay granules, alfalfa chaff, extruded peas, hay chaff, dried carrot, dried beetroot, carob, soybean oil