Fitmin partners

We are proud to support athletes who share our brand’s ideals and for whom a dog is more than man’s best friend.

For members of our Fitmin Team, dogs are also sports partners with whom they train and achieve excellent results in dog sports, including on the international level.

Dog sports place a huge emphasis on proper nutrition, which is why we are delighted that members of the Fitmin Team have decided to use our products and that  thanks to Fitmin food, their dogs prosper and achieve fantastic results.

Great helpers in this are also Fitmin nutritional supplements that are used whenever a dog’s feed needs to be fine-tuned to the last detail to provide a balanced nutrition even in a most challenging period.

When you hear about the Fitmin Team, it will often be in sports collectively called mushing (in which a team of dogs pulls a sled, a cart etc.).

These include:

  • canicross (running with dogs),
  • scootering (riding a scooter pulled by dogs), 
  • bikejöring (cycling with dogs), 
  • and skijöring (skiing with dogs).

This sport has alternatives for both the winter and summer season and it’s not uncommon for one team to participate in several different events within one competition.

Recently, we have been enormously successful in mushing events. 

Since 2017, our competitors are collecting medals on World and Europian Championships both on snow and on dry.

Everyone who wants to become a member of the Fitmin Team must share the same values. A love for animals, a passion for dog sports, determination and drive. And on our side, we can offer the best possible nutrition for your dogs throughout their entire life. Together, we then celebrate the results achieved by our brand’s partners.