Tilen Strmšek

Tilen Smrzek
Tilen Strmšek


Slovania Slovenia

1st place on Dog Epic Race 2020 Czech Republic (4 stages-4x 1st place)

2x 2nd place in canicross with Lynn and bikejoring with her sister Rea Fitmin cup 2020 in Slovekia

1st place on all Slovenian canicross races in year 2020 and more

My name is Tilen Strmšek and I'm 28 years old and I come from Slovenia. I have one female greyster named Lynn that loves to run and is in love with Fitmin food.

I have been involved in team sport from the early years. I trained and played football from age 7 to 23, after I became a football coach for young players. I stopped playing football because I was always a team worker and I would do everything for the team but other people are not like that. And when I discovered dog sports (canicross) I quit playing and focused on another level of team sport.

I think that football gave me alot of good body strenght and will to train. I never had any problems with my ankles or knees also running in the rain was nothing new for me. But I had another problem as most of football players also I had bad running technique.

I started with this sport in 2016 with dog that we had home at that time. But soon I realized that dog that was never learened to pull and it was fun for him just to pull for first 200-300m is not for me. So In year 2017 I decided to get a dog specially for this sport. When I started with racing winning positions was far away from my reach, but I was training 2-3 times a week no matter of my results.

In summer of 2018 I brought home Lynn (greyster). In same year I started borrowing dog named Art (hungarian Vizsla) for trainings and also for races. The owners were driving him to all club trainings to run with me and that dog showed me how to enjoy this sport and work as a team. So we started making good results, better times from month to month in races we were always on winning positions and on World championships in Poland in 2018 we finished as 26 after beeing 21 on the first day.

But when Lynn was old enough to start racing this was something totaly different next level of what we had with Art. Our connection as a team is something special. When I started racing with Lynn first place in Slovenia was not a question anymore and also in races abroad for now we always finished 1st or 2nd place.

So we are both looking forward to go on some championship together in 2021 so we see where we really are.

This is some special sport in which you build some special connection with your dog, dog help you and you help for him as much as you can. I never stop helping my dog even if I'm suffering and some little voice in my head is trying to convince me to stop, but when I see my dog, my team mate infront of me how it works for me that gives me additional energy that push from me and from my legs and muscles everything I have left to help.

Lynn is eating Fitmin food since I brought her from Slovakia, she enjoyes the food and she never had any problems. When she was young she was eating Fitmin Puppy food and now she is on Fitmin Performance. With Fitmin dry food, wet food and some vitamains she gets everything she needs for her running performance, regeneration and healhy life.

We are both happy and thankfull that we are supported by Fitmin so Lynn can have her favorite dog food everyday, everymonth. For her is important to have quality food so she does not loose her weight and is prepered for everyday activities.

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