Monika Olšovská

Monika Olšovská


Slovakia Slovakia

3rd place in Freestyle 2013, Burgum

Arsi was also Cruft´s winner 2015

Members of Slovak national team for 6 years at OEC (2012 Prague, 2013 Burgum, 2014 Stuttgart, 2016 Krieglach, 2017 Balen, 2018 Munsingen)

3x at WC (2012 Salzburg, 2017 Leipzig, 2018 Ruinerwold)

Hi, my name is Monika Olšovská. I come from small village called Liptovský Peter in the north of Slovakia. I‘m a speech therapist and teacher for children with special needs. I also use my dogs at my work as canistherapist.

I was in love with dog training since childhood. I have been training dogs for over 20 years. My favourite dog sport so far is dogdance. I am a pioneer of dogdancing in Slovakia since I had my first border collie called Dream.

Dogdancing is a wonderful discipline, it is very creative and we can see huge variety of routines. It is musically choreographed version compiled from a variety of interlinked exercises that musical backdrop to create the illusion od dancing.

My best dog so far was border collie bitch Arsi, with whom we have been: members of Slovak national team for 6 years at OEC (2012 Prague, 2013 Burgum, 2014 Stuttgart, 2016 Krieglach, 2017 Balen, 2018 Munsingen), 3x at WC (2012 Salzburg, 2017 Leipzig, 2018 Ruinerwold) Me and Arsi have individual bronze in Freestyle (2013, Burgum), bronze in teams in Heelwork (WC 2017, Leipzig ). Arsi was also Cruft´s winner ( 2015 ).

At the moment I compete with bordercollie Paige. So far we managed to get to the highest Class 3 in heelwork to music, we are 2x 2nd vicemisters of Slovakia (2018, 2019 ), we competed in Hungary, Austria, Switzerland and won bronze and silver in european trick show in Vienna (2018, 2019).

Paige , had her first litter in 2019 and brought up 6 puppies, including son Bambi, who stayed in our family. Bambi is a great and talented young dog, who is waiting for end of pandemic so he can show off at some competitions.

Since 2015 I am also a dogdancing. As a judge and lector I visited many countries and seen a lot of different dancing teams in Russia, Japan, USA and many more.

My both border collies are family dogs and my friends before anything else. Because of that I make sure they live a quality life which includes the best nutrition since being a puppy.

Even though dogdancing might not be highly physical sport, it requires a lot of focus and can put more pressure on psychical side. After all, the dog has to remember and execute over 50 commands in 4 minute choreography.

My dogs started with Fitmin dog Medium Puppy. Our litter grew up on this dog food. After birth, Paige got back to form thanks to Fitmin dog Medium Maxi Lamb & Rice, otherwise she eats  Fitmin dog Medium Maitenance. Bambi is a highly active dog who needs a lot more fat, therefore he gets fed Fitmin dog Medium Performance. When we travel to competitions, seminars we enrich the food with Fitmin For Life wet food.

During trainings we use Fitmin Purity Rice Semimoist Rabbit & Lamb or treats from line Fitmin For Life, which are in perfect shape for training.

I am considering switching to Fitmin Purity, because its formula is enriched of various ingredients with beneficial effects and natural preservatives are used in them.