Solution Supplements

Fitmin Solution Supplements for Horses

  • Does your horse need a supplement for skin support, joint cartilage support or a supplement to improve breathing?
  • Fitmin Solution supplements for horses are directly intended for the careful owner who takes care of the horse and who takes care of its health. Fitmin carefully produce Horse Supplements that are designed to support liver function, support immunity, or a supplement to relieve stress.


Fitmin Benefit

Feeding material for all categories of horses. Cold-pressed Norwegian salmon oil, contributing to improved appearance, concentration and performance of horses.

Fitmin Biotin

Supplementary feed for all categories of horses, intended to enhance and maintain the skin, coat and hooves in desirable condition.

Crude protein 15.5%, crude oils and fats 9,7%, crude fibre 16.7%, gross ash 9.8%, sodium 0.06%.

Fitmin Control

Supplementary feed intended for horses of all age categories suffering from obesity, metabolic syndrome or laminitis.

Crude protein 13%, crude oils and fat 2.1%, crude fibre 11,2%, crude ash 32%, starch 3.7%, calcium 3.4%, sodium 2.3%, phosphorus 4.4%.

Fitmin Flexi Trio

Supplementary feed for horses of all categories, supporting the natural regeneration of articular cartilage.

Crude protein 3.5%, crude oils and fat 0.35%, crude fibre 1.2%, crude ash 3.9%, sodium 0.03%

Fitmin Gastro Protector

Food supplement for horses of all categories for natural protection of the gastric mucosa and to help with ailments caused by gastroduodenal ulceration.

Crude protein 4%, crude oils and fat 5%, crude fibre 14.5%, crude ash 0.8%.

Fitmin Herbs Bronchial

Supplementary feed for horses of all categories. A mix of effective herbs intended to improve the horse's respiration during increased strain; it is also intended for horses with cold, short-winded horses and horses requiring soothing and clearing of the respiratory tract.

Crude protein 19.7%, crude fibre 15.6%, crude oils and fat 4%, crude ash 12.9%, sodium 0.04%.

Fitmin Herbs Regeneration

Supplementary feed for horses of all categories. A mix of selected herbs with Silybum marianum and biologically active substances, contributing to the normal function of the liver, supporting the immune system and promoting regeneration of horses.

Crude protein 18.5%, crude fibre 16.6%, crude oils and fat 10.5%, crude ash 6.7%, sodium 0.06%.

Fitmin Selen E

Supplementary mineral feed with antioxidant effect for horses of all age categories. Prevents painful tying-up in horses in high-intensity training and helps speed up regeneration during periods of increased workload.

Calcium 7.2%, sodium 1.9%, phosphorus 1.4%

Fitmin Hemoform

Supplementary feed with a complex of active substances supporting the cardiovascular system and tissue elasticity. Yucca shidigera is rich in saponins and has a detoxifying effect while the vitamin B complex supports blood formation and contributes to a healthy formation of red blood cells.

Crude protein 20%, crude oils and fat 2%, crude fibre 2.5%, crude ash 5.3%, sodium 0.1%.

Fitmin Flexi Penta

Supplementary feed for all categories of horses, supports natural regeneration of articular cartilage.

Crude protein 10.5%, crude oils and fat 0.2%, crude fibre 0.1%, crude ash 2.1%, sodium 0.01%.

Fitmin Herbs Calmer

The composition of this supplementary feed helps reduce the effects of stress factors and calms nervous horses. It is recommended for use before every planned event that is stressful for horses such as transport, presence in a new evironment or during post-injury recovery.

Crude protein 9.5%, crude fibre 19,7%, crude oils and fat 1,3%, crude ash 2%, sodium 0.02%, magnesium 1%.

Fitmin C

Supplementary food for horses of all categories that supports the natural immune system, reduces stress levels and helps to heal wounds.

Crude protein 1.6%, crude oils and fat 0.1%, crude fibre 0.4%, crude ash 4.6%, calcium 0.4%, phosphorus 0.1%, sodium 0.6%