Who we are?

We are a traditional Czech pet food brand from the foothills of the Eagle Mountains,

where we produce feed, supplements and natural treats

to help owners of dogs, cats and horses with the care of their pets.



We are breeders and our work carries on the spirit of the original founders with deep roots in livestock rising and farming.

We originally produced food for our own pets and for pets of our friends, and grew from a family business into a worldwide brand within 20 years.

Fitmin brand consists of superpremium and premium products, that are created with regard to the needs of animals throughout their lives and at various levels of activity.

Our company is based in the premises of the homestead in the countryside, where we also have production capacities. 



We use the experience from our own Fitmin border collie kennel, our nutrition specialists and close cooperation with the main breeders and successful people from different fields of activities with animals. 

Fitmin is the flagship product line manufactured by Dibaq a.s., which is based in small Czech village Helvíkovice.

Although the company is not a large-scale producer and has maintained the status of a 'family business', our facility is equipped with the latest technology, enabling us to produce high-quality products.



Long shared experince taught us that it is necessary to approach the nutrition of each animal individually.

We have designed the Fitmin series of feeds to offer a feed that meets the needs of a particular animal at every moment of its life.