Fitmin for Dogs

The Fitmin product range for dogs includes complete dry food, nutritional supplements, complete wet food and treats. This wide product range enables us to offer "tailor-made" nutrition for each dog.

Fitmin Purity

The Fitmin Purity range offers 8 types of feed, from which you can choose rice-based feed or grain free feed based on peas, potatoes and pumpkin. Peas have a lower glycemic index to prevent obesity. Rice recipes contain cereal rice, but not wheat or corn gluten, which may be potential allergens for some individuals. The advantage of rice is that it spends slowly and allows the body to use the released energy for a much longer time.

In developing the recipes, we tried to respond to the latest trends and enriched the feed with superfoods and ingredients with beneficial effects. For our anti-cancer and detoxifying effects, we have added, for example, Shitakke. This miraculous sponge can suppress all sorts of allergy symptoms, plus it is a rich source of vitamin D, antioxidants, iron and selenium. There are also fruits, vegetables, chelates, prebiotics or carefully selected mixtures of herbs, called Herbs Vitality Complex, which is aimed at promoting digestion and detoxification of the entire organism. Natural preservatives are also used in feeds to bring them closer to nature.

  • High ratio of fresh meat
  • Grain free and rice recipes
  • Beneficial ingredients - shiitake, chicory root, milk thistle seed
  • Herbs (Herbs Vitality Complex) supporting digestion and detoxification of the body
  • Colorful composition - different variants of fruits and vegetables
  • Complex of natural antioxidants

Fitmin nutritional programme

Complete dog foods offered as part of the Fitmin For Dogs nutritional programme have been formulated with respect to the physiological differences between dogs in various phases of their lives. There are three basic lines of dog food according to the adult size of the individual dog breeds and different nutritional requirements. The products in the MINIMEDIUM and MAXI lines cover the dog's entire life cycle from a puppy to old age.

The dog food offered in the same line differs in the amount of individual ingredients to allow for the consideration of the higher or lower need for nutrients and energy with respect to the age and level of activity of each dog. Fitmin now offers two different lines of feed, one line based on Chicken and the other range is Lamb with Beef

In the event that the weight condition of your dog is not optimal, do not change the size of the portion. Simply choose a food with a higher or lower energy content. The almost identical ingredients of products in the same line ensure a problem-free transition from one dog food to another, depending on the current condition of the dog.

Fitmin For Life

Fitmin For Life is a line of premium complete foods in 9 versions: for puppies and adult dogs of all breeds, young and adult dogs of large and giant breeds, and overweight and senior dogs. In addition to dry food, the Fitmin For Life product range includes complete wet foodtreats and nutritional supplements.

The principle and the importance of Fitmin nutritional supplements lie in the fact that they supply the necessary substances when not even a complete and balanced food can cover the individual and specific needs of a dog. The Fitmin nutritional supplements aim to cover a wide range of specific requirements a breeder may encounter in a dog. The Fitmin nutritional supplements provide vitamins and trace elements, enhancing the natural processes going on in the body.

They are not a substitute for the treatment of sick dogs, but they help prevent problems and diseases of a certain type, mitigate their consequences and increase the resistance of the dog's body. In addition, the Fitmin line of supplements is an aid to vets, who can use it preventively or to activate the organism by natural means. A special category among nutritional supplements includes food for suckling and weaned puppies.