Nutritional Supplements

Welcome to Fitmin Apothecary

The Fitmin Apothecary is a complex range of nutritional additives for dogs and is a part of our superpremium Fitmin Dog Purity line.

For healthy and happy dogs

Exercise is an integral part of a happy life for every dog, but at the same time, it places high demands on the dog’s organism, bones and muscles.

That’s why in our Fitmin line we’ve combined our nutritional experience with traditional medicine and modern technology to offer our four-legged friends everything they need for an active and satisfying life.

Nutritional additives from the Fitmin Apothecary line contain carefully selected raw ingredients and extracts from natural substances in a form best suited to a dog’s digestion digestible for the dog’s organism

Because we believe that you, our customers, sincerely care about the health and happiness of your dogs, just like we in the Fitmin family do.

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Do you spend time thinking about how to ensure your dog's good health so that you can enjoy moments full of joy and fun for years?

Health is a precious thing and prevention is worth paying attention to, even with your four-legged friends. Your reward will be a happy and healthy pet, full of energy and taste for life.

Our products have a long tradition in the foothills of the Eagle Mountains based on quality and functionality. 

Our values and respect for animals have motivated our team of nutrition specialists to develop new dog food additives that respond to industry trends and above all, the needs of dogs to enable them to live a lively and happy life at your side. Our Czech brand Fitmin brings a full range of products that help keep animals in great shape.

In the course of a pet’s lifetime, you may encounter various problems, and we can help you prevent these.

We’ll help you treat your dog with preventive care in the form of nutritional additives. 

These will provide vitamins, and trace elements and support natural processes occurring in the body.

Thanks to them you will not have to deal with joint pain, bad fur or even bad breath in the future.

If a problem does appear, our additives can also help. 

Nutritional additives provide the animal with the necessary substances in cases where it is necessary to respond to an unusual situation and where even complete and balanced dog food cannot meet the individual needs of your dog.

The right choice of additives will support, for example, a dog’s recovery after exercise or after surgery and you will build its immunity with the help of beneficial antioxidant substances.

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