Fitmin For Life

Fitmin For Life Tea Tree Oil shampoo for dogs and cats 300 ml

Effective against parasites
- relieves itching,
- moisturises the skin,
- with tea tree oil

Fitmin For Life Puppy shampoo 300 ml

Shampoo for puppies and kittens
- extra delicate and sensitive
- does not irritate
- nourishes and hydrates
- with ALOE VERA

Fitmin For Life Sensitive shampoo for dogs 300 ml

Shampoo for dogs - for sensitive hair
- Very gentle on the skin - soothing
- It is delicate and sensitive
- protects the skin with aloe vera

Fitmin For Life White Dogs shampoo 300ml

Shampoo for white and light-coloured dogs
- brightens the hair
- gives extra hair shine
- improves the skin condition
- with chamomile

Fitmin First Aid Kit for Cats and Dogs

First aid kit for Dogs and Cats
- Gauze and disinfection pads
- Plaster and stainless steel scissors
- 2 different bandages
- Latex gloves and absorbent cloth