Fitmin dog Purity GF Adult&Junior Fish Menu - MONOPROTEIN

Complete feed for puppies from the 5th month and adult dogs of medium and large breeds

crude protein 28%, crude oils and fats 12.5%, crude fibre 4.3%, crude ash 5.7%, calcium 1%, phosphorus 0.8%.



Treat your dog to a culinary experience in the form of an excellent menu with fish that is grain-free. Fresh herring with herbs and farm potatoes on shiitake mushrooms and pumpkin slices. Serve with linseed, black currant and peas. We have carefully selected natural and fresh ingredients so that they go well with each other and are delicious to dogs' palates while maintaining the highest quality of food. We guarantee the highest quality and refined taste of food for juniors and adult gourmets. Every dog can enjoy exceptional food with us. Fitmin Purity GF Adult & Junior Fish menu feed is monoprotein and is suitable for puppies from 5 months and adult dogs of medium and large breeds. The only source of animal protein in feed is fish meat. Omega-3 fatty acids help maintain a healthy coat and skin. The feed contains 28% protein, 12.5% fat, and energy 15.23 MJ/1 kg.


fish (fresh herring 40%, dried fish 20%, hydrolyzed salmon protein 4%), potatoes, peas 15.5%, poultry fat, beet fibre, brewer’s yeast, flax seeds, apples, cold-pressed Norwegian salmon oil (treated with tocopherols), herb complex 1% (common nettle 0.23% and sweet balm, dandelion leaves, chamomile flowers, small-leaved linden flowers), black currants 0.8%, pumpkin 0.5%, shiitake mushrooms 0.4%, chicory root 0.2%, goji 0.1%, glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, yucca 0.012%.

Content of Additives in 1 kg:

Trace Elements:iron 178 mg (supplemented with chelate of iron and n-hydrate amino acids), copper 21 mg (supplemented with chelate of copper and n-hydrate amino acids), manganese 39 mg (supplemented with chelate of manganese and n-hydrate amino acids), zinc 175 mg (supplemented with chelate of zinc, n-hydrate amino acids and zinc oxide), iodine 3.6 mg (supplemented with calcium iodate anhydrous),

Vitamins, Pro-Vitamins, and Chemically Defined Substances with Similar Effects: vit. A 16,200 i.u., vit. D3 1256 i.u., vit. E (RRR-alpha-tocopherol) 236 mg, niacinamide 78 mg, vit. B1 6.6 mg, vit. B2 11 mg, vit. B6 10.5 mg, vit. B12 218 µg, vit. C 320 mg, calcium pantothenate 26 mg, folic acid 1 mg, biotin 0.5 mg, choline chloride 1,690 mg

Sensory Additives: rosemary extract 100 mg;

Natural Preservatives, Antioxidants.


Pack size

12 kg / 2.5 kg