Fitmin puppy mash

supplemental instant puppy food with probiotics and antioxidants for weaned puppies of all breeds aged 4-8 weeks. Proteins 15 %, Fat 11 %

N-substances 16,3 %, fat 8,3 %, fibre 0,4 %, ash 4,1 %


- milk powder, whey powder: milk products guaranteeing great taste and digestibility
- extruded rice, amaranth and corn: highly digestible cereals facilitating the conversion to solid food
- egg powder: high value of egg proteins guarantees complete nutrition also in the period of reduced food intake
- yoghurt culture: natural bacteria enhance digestion and beneficial intestinal microflora population
- natural antioxidants: protection of quickly growing tissue


dried milk, extruded rice, extruded amaranth seed, whey powder, extruded corn, sugar, egg powder