Fitmin puppy milk

instant milk with carnitine and lecithin for small puppies of all breeds. It is specifically intended to replace or supplement mother’s milk. Proteins 25 %, Fat 23 %

N-substances 26 %, fat 21 %, ash 7 %, calcium 1.05 %, phosphorus 0.8 %, sodium 0.5 %, fibre 0.01 %


- whey powder: highly digestible whey proteins guarantee a complete substitution of mother's milk
- vitamins and trace elements: balanced ratio of biologically active substances enables a young body to function properly
- lecithin: for the correct functioning of nerve tissue and for the protection of liver cells
- L-Carnitine: for an effective conversion of energy and increased fat utilisation
- natural antioxidants: protection of quickly growing tissue
- easy and safe: the use of food-processing industry ingredients ensures easy preparation and safe use even in very small puppies


whey powder, vegetable oil, sodium salt of casein, wheat gluten, L-Carnitine, lecithin