Mario Adamko

Sarah Gillam
Mario Adamko

Scootering, bikering and skijoring

Slovakia Slovakia

7th place European Championship Belgium 2019

9th place IFSS World Cup dry Sweden 2019

Hi, my name is Mario Adamko. I’m from Slovakia and I’m 27 years old. I like adrenalin sports, fishing, walking in a nature and spending time with my family, friends and dogs. I was very active and competitive child, I wanted to be everywhere. When I was 14, I started to do motocross. I liked it, because it unites speed and adrenalin in one discipline.

When I was 21, I decided to have a dog. I chose border collie. Blaze is my first own dog. He is 6 years now. I was looking for some activity, that I could do with him. We tried dog exhibitions, but it was’t much fun for me. Than I found canicross. It started to be my new life. We loved it, we enjoyed every run. When we started to race, I met a lot of people and I fell in love with european sledge dogs. It is a breed, which was very fascinating for me.

4 years ago I acquired my first ESD Tequila. She has 26kg. She loves this sport and she is as competitive as I am. She is a little angel in a devil body. We started with canicross, but now we’re doing scootering, bikering and skijoring more than canicross. I think, we are very coordinated team, we can rely on each other in every moment. It means a lot for me. We have many achievements together. Last year we were on European Championship 2019 in Chevetogne, where we won 7th place and in the same year we were on world Championship IFSS in Nybro, where we were on 9th place. We participated in a lot of competitons in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungaria and Poland. For us is every single race a new challenge.

Now, I have 3 dogs with my girlfriend - Blaze, Tequila and 5 years old vizla Angie. In the future I dream about next ESD. We will see, when it will be the best time for a new member of our family. But now, I’m looking forward to race and I hope, that corona time will not stop all our competitions and we can stand on start in a short time.