Do you dread the moulting season?

Do you dread the moulting season?

With these tips, you can manage the care of the coat easily.

With the arrival of spring, the weather is finally warming up, the days are getting longer and our furry friends can't wait for proper walks and outdoor fun. However, just as we take off our coats in the spring, our pets also get rid of their thick winter fur. Get inspired by our tips and prepare your dog and cat for the coming spring with proper fur care.

For most dogs and cats, even though they spend most of their time indoors, their fur naturally thickens in the winter. Spring and the increasingly warmer weather, on the other hand, brings moulting season. So that you can prepare for it with your pet in peace and comfort, and now is the right time to start taking care of their coat before there is hair everywhere..

The secret is in regular combing

The very first step to reviving your pet's fur should be brushing it. It doesn't matter what type of coat it has, with or without an undercoat, brushing will benefit your pet and keep it shed free. However, the type of brush you use to comb your dog or cat depends on the type of fur. Short fur generally does not require so much attention over the course of a year, so a rubber combing glove or a brush with thick bristles will come in handy for spring cleaning. For long fur, go for a comb with wide gaps to comb the matted fur or a brush with dense metal or plastic teeth. It is important to pay attention to how gentle the brush is to the skin. You will find out easily when you run the brush over your hand yourself. If it scratches you, it probably won't be pleasant for your pet either.

Welcome spring with a bath

After a thorough brushing of the shed coat, it's time for a bath. Equip yourself with cosmetics designed specifically for dogs or cats. The one you have in your bathroom may not be good for your pet's skin. Always choose shampoos designed exclusively for the species of animal to avoid possible itching or rashes. When shampooing, gently massage the fur with your fingertips to reach the skin. This will reveal any bumps, wounds, scratches, ticks or other problems that could be hiding under the winter coat. For example, Fitmin For Life Sensitive shampoo for dogs can be ideal.

"Always be careful to rinse off all cosmetics thoroughly. The rest of the shampoo could irritate the skin or your pet could lick it off the fur itself," advises Kateřina Franková, veterinarian and Fitmin ambassador.

Finally, dry the pet with a towel, and then you can wrap it in a dry towel for a while. Above all, it is important to ensure that the fur is not cold during the drying period. On some dogs and cats, you can also use a hair dryer if they are used to it. Always set the temperature to the lowest or medium setting, and never blow dry with hot air.

Care for the coat from the inside

When we have already taken good care of the coat from the outside, it is time to nourish it from the inside. A quality diet is the basis, without the correct and balanced ratio of vitamins and minerals in the diet, we can use the best products, and yet we will never achieve a perfectly soft and shiny coat. "However, during the shedding period or preparations for exhibitions, we can support the dog's nutrition with the right food supplements. For example, salmon oil is ideal, which is a high-quality source of omega-3 fatty acids and at the same time supports the vascular system and immunity," recommends the veterinarian.

Another dietary supplement that strengthens the quality of the skin and coat is, for example, the product Fitmin Purity Coat and skin.  Thanks to its powder form, you can mix it with a pouch or canned meat and give it to the dog directly during feeding. 



Even though the dog's coat is extremely important for its health, don't forget to check the overall condition of the animal during the preparations for the spring months. When bathing, be sure to check the ears and eyes to make sure they are clean and healthy. Don't forget the claws, which may need to be trimmed. That way you will know that you have not underestimated the preparation for spring and your pet will enjoy the coming season not only in beauty but especially in health.


About the Fitmin brand

Fitmin is a traditional Czech brand located in the foothills of the Eagle Mountains, where it produces feed, nutritional supplements and natural treats for dogs, cats, horses and, now, also for small rodents, with respect for nature and love for animals. More than 24 years have passed since the establishment of the Fitmin brand, and much has changed during that time, but the basic value of the family business - an honest approach to work - has remained. The spirit of the company's founders, the Štěpánk family, continues to spread throughout the company. Their breeding and agricultural tradition has always had deep roots in Helvíkovice. In 2010, Fitmin was the first in our country to come up with a unique technology of adding fresh meat to the feed production process, thanks to which the products retain their great taste. Nutrients remain of top quality and are not destroyed by high temperatures as in the case when the meat is first processed into flour and only then into pellets. In addition, it is not just any meat - it is the high-quality meat that is comparable to the quality of meat used in the consumer food industry.

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