Tilen Strmšek

Tilen Strmšek

Tilen our Fitmin ambassador and carnicross champion has a busy schedule ahead with Lynn, you can see all the races coming up for the rest of this season.

There are new races this year that Tilen and Lynn will attend, but we have great confidence in Tilen, especially after he won the Czech DOG EPIC Canicross Men's event for dogs over 15kg :)

19-20. August– Expano glowrun, canicross, Murska Sobota, Slovenia

28th August - NG Canicross cup, Tri Studne, Czech Republic

2nd September - Fitmin Lesna, Lesna, Czech Republic

17th September - Canicross and bikejoring workshop in Slovenia, presenting how to start with canicross and bikejoring, how to train your dogs, what equipment and food is the best to perform on the top level.

25th September - Alb cross, Germany (etap race)

1st October - Novomeški 1/2 marathon - Canicross, Novo mesto, Slovenia

2nd October - Tripla Corona race - Travisio, Italy

8th October- Kalnik Trail-canicross - Kalnik, Croatia

10th November- IFSS European Championship 2022, Leipa, Germany.

We are sending the Best Wishes to Tilen and Lynn for this 2022 race season

Goals for 2021: Top 10 in European or World Championship in canicross, race most famous international races in dog sport, learn better how to do skijorring and maybe run some dog treking or marathon. For me try myself in mountain trail run up to 100km and race half iron man.