World Mushing Championships in Norway 2022

World Mushing Championships in Norway 2022

The Fitmin team will be competing in the World Mushing Championships in Norway.

What is Mushing?

Mushing is a sport that uses the traction of dogs. They are harnessed to sledges that are controlled by humans or directly to skiers. In recent years, it has enjoyed great popularity in the world and our country The Czech Republic. Czech mushers have long been among the world's best in this sport. The originally planned world musher race was supposed to take place in Sweden, where the European Dog Sled Championship took place in 2020, but due to insufficient snow conditions, the world cup has been moved to Norway. The individual categories in which mushers with any breed of dog can enter include skijoring, half, combination, sledging with 2 or more dogs and the relay of nations.

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